Have you ever had slow business due to snow in your parking lot? Snow and ice are a big challenge for business. At Pave USA, our commercial snow removal experts offer year around services so that you can focus on your business rather than dealing with snow and ever changing weather.  From parking areas and walkways to accessing roads and entrances, our technicians are always there to help you out. All you need to do is call us to get immediate attention on your property.

We serve Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and other New York metropolitan areas!

All the snow removal equipment is our own. There is no question of availability. By hiring our commercial snow removal experts, you can have peace of mind as your business can open before anyone else. With our snow and ice management services in Staten Island, you can be assured that our experts will keep your commercial property safe from freezing rain, ice, snow, or hail.

Our snow removal services in Queens and neighboring areas include:

  • Snow plowing of parking lots and parking structure including roofs
  • Snow clearing of store fronts and sidewalks
  • Snow shoveling of loading bays, entrances and exits
  • Ice management services for property management companies
  • Application of chemical de-icing products
  • 24 Hour Ice Management
  • 24 Hour On Call Service
  • Dedicated on site equipment
  • Dedicated on site team

Want to get snow removed from your property? Call 877-PAVE-USA!

Hire the best ice management services in Brooklyn!

As one of the leading commercial snow removal services in Queen, Brooklyn and Staten Island, we focus on providing our clients with top notch services. Our experienced and trained snow removal experts take strategic approach to snow removal and make sure that weather forecast does not affect your business.

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