Asphalt parking lots are that part of your commercial or residential setting that is most prone to wear and tear. Asphalt parking lots require timely maintenance in order to prevent further damage and deterioration.

Asphalt Staten Island

It is essential to keep a check on the asphalt paving of your parking lot ads it is a crucial element for carving a good first impression. Practicing preventive measures will help you save big on your maintenance bill and ascertain that the parking lot is in good shape. You will not have to make repeated investments i.e. you can easily avoid repair cost and keep the parking lot looking great for many years to come.

Parking lot maintenance may prove to be a costly affair which not everyone can afford. One must adopt a proactive methodology and take some preventive measures in order to keep the parking lot in good condition and avoid timely maintenance. Your pavement might start showing signs of wear and tear, by following the Pavement Preventive Maintenance (PPM) concept, one can easily extract more life out of the asphalt parking.

At Pave U.S.A we advise parkingĀ  owners to employ the below-mentioned tips to extend the life of asphalt paving in Staten Island

1- Beload cautious: Make initiatives to avoid the entry of larger vehicles such as garbage trucks and delivery trucks. Large vehicles can destroy paving and increase maintenance cost. Heavyweight vehicles carry a lot of weight and can affect the asphalt paving installed in your parking lot. In order to avoid garbage trucks and other heavyweight vehicles from entering your parking lot, keep your garbage drums out for disposal.

2- Keep a tab on drainage: Water can cause a lot of damage to asphalt paving installed in the parking lot. Mostly the main culprit in ruining paving materials is water leakage and improper drainage. Water might reach the base course present under the pavement and damage it. Eventually, it will develop into a pothole and aggravate the situation. Make sure that proper measures are taken to fix any water problems that might be the root cause of damage.

3- Ensure effective sweeping: In order to keep the parking lot always clean and tidy, it is important to practice regular sweeping. Regularly sweeping will ensure that there is no aggregation of dried leaves, glass, and other materials. Visitors notice the parking lot whenever they step foot in any vicinity.

We, at Pave U.S.A provides expert paving services to our clients. We use modern tools and equipment to impart best in quality services at affordable prices. We have a fleet of trained technicians who are well aware of the modern-day technologies and methods to deal with paving repair problems.