Every property owner wants their driveway and pavement to look perfect. Across the state of New York, our experts work with numerous residential and business owners alike to help them make a good impression with a nice looking pavement. To maintain the pavement and keep it smooth, seal coating needs to be done along with the process of milling. Unlike seal coating which is performed after paving, milling needs to be done before paving.

Milling Staten Island

In Staten Island, milling before paving ensures a comfortable ride on the pavement, plays a role in protecting the environment and makes sure that your pavement is built correctly. Our professionals analyze the area in depth before starting the process. Want to know why milling plays a huge role in the paving process? Here is a brief guide by experts ar Pave USA:

What is Milling?
Milling is a process of resurfacing the asphalt by using a milling machine that grinds down the top course layer of the asphalt. The typical depth at which we do milling in Staten Island is 1.5”.  The milling machine has a large rotating drum that removes the desired depth of the asphalt. The ‘millings’ are taken for off-site recycling on a dump truck via conveyor. Once the process of milling is done, a new layer of asphalt is applied to the area and the same amount of the thickness of asphalt is applied.

Milling in Staten Island is regularly used by the municipal corporation and companies doing the highway repairs. Milling is also done at the places where the base material is the great and only top layer of the asphalt needs to be repaired. Performing this process is less expensive than doing full reclamation.

How Does the Process of Milling Work?
The pavement milling is done using the heavy machinery known as cold planer or milling machine. The cold planer has a large drum that rotates and removes the top layer of the asphalt. The tool holders cover the drum exterior and hold the carbide cutters that actually cut the asphalt pavement. The cutter cuts the pavement in such a way that the pavement moves towards the center of the drum. The modern cold planer uses front-loading conveyor system that picks up any part of pavement that falls off the conveyor belt. Water also plays a crucial role as it reduces the extreme heat along with the dust that might become airborne.

How is Milling in Staten Island Beneficial?
Protecting the environment does not only mean categorizing your trash or recycling the soda bottles. In the paving industry, the process of milling plays a huge role in protecting the environment. The amount of asphalt that our experts remove in the process of milling is transformed in aggregate. The aggregate is used in the place of the new materials to repave the area. This reduces the carbon footprint and decreases the amount of energy used to pave the surface. Along with that, the damage to the paved surface is thoroughly removed and the pavement is made good as new.

Want to get your pavement repaved and milling on Staten Island property? At Pave USA, we work hard to provide the best asphalt paving and repair service to our patrons. Our experts are trained in the latest technology that is available to handle all kinds of projects on Staten Island.