As one of the leading paving companies in the country, we usually get a lot of questions regarding the asphalt paving and resurfacing the asphalt driveway. We usually answer the enquiries by telling the enquirers that resurfacing the asphalt driveway is one of the most cost effective ways to keep your driveway investment secure.

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Driveways — residential as well as commercial — are expensive and as an investment should be taken care of. The driveways usually inch up to $10,000 benchmark and impact the aesthetic appeal of the property. They impact the appearance of a property so much that the prospective buyer can pass up buying the property if the driveway is not paved to perfection.

However, what most property owners do not know that during paving the driveway the conditions need to be right. Here are a few conditions when you should get your driveway paved and when you shouldn’t:

When you should get your driveway paved

A solid base

Asphalt is only strong if the base if strong. Thus, a driveway needs to have a solid base before the asphalt can be paved on it. Asphalt has a supple aspect which requires a solid ground to stay in shape. Without a strong base, the asphalt will deform quickly. Before opting to get repaving of asphalt done, make sure that your driveway has a solid base.

Giving driveway a facelift

Along with strengthening your driveway with asphalt, you need to make sure that your driveway and its sub-base is strong enough for facelift. Over time, the black part of asphalt gets worn down due to the harsh weather and UV rays of the sun. This leads to shoddy driveway and there is no way that you will be able to reverse the process. The best way to get your driveway back to the pristine condition is to get it repaved and resealed as soon as possible.

Perfect weather

The perfect weather to get the driveway is paved is before the winter but after the summer. This way your new resealed and repaved driveway is ready to take on the harsh winters. As asphalt is porus, the snow usually melt and water is able to drain more efficient. With its dark black color, the asphalt also makes it easier to clean the driveway. Make sure you do not get your driveway paved when it is about to rain.

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