Your parking lot is the pathway your tenants, clients, visitors and employees will utilize all day long while they visit your property. So, that first encounter must leave a great first impression on your audience. The color contrast of fresh line striping tells your customers and visitors that you care for their safety. The stop bars, cross-walks, marked pickup and loading zone areas are installed to inform pedestrians about areas they should avoid walking on, and warns them about oncoming traffic.

At Pave USA Inc. we have the expertise in line striping design and pavement marking for parking lots to ensure effective traffic flow, the safety of people and ADA compliance. We use the industry’s highest standards of equipment for every striping and pavement job we do.

We can cater to all your striping and signage needs, including basic parking lot design, striping design and custom sign markings and stenciling. Pave USA Inc. understands the importance of a well maintained parking lot, and so, there a few things we do to ensure they are the best:

  • ADA Compliancy
  • Proper vehicle traffic flow
  • Proper pedestrian traffic flow
  • All signage compliant with Township and State regulations
  • Safety and Security (OSHA)
  • Top of the line equipment
  • Nighttime work
  • Clearly defined parking stall and roadways

Our expertise makes us an ideal partner for any line striping and pavement marking project. Get started by requesting a consultation today. Call or email us directly and be assisted by one of our expert representatives.