Is your driveway cracked and needs repaving? Do you want to start a new paving project? Let the expert pavers at Pave USA help you out. As the leading expert of asphalt paving in Long Island with numerous years of experience, we know how important is the paved surface your for residential as well as commercial properties.

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Asphalt paving The new paving of a surface requires a few parameters to be fulfilled. The surface should have a stone foundation. The asphalt is paved on the stone surface. As experienced experts of asphalt paving in Queens, we focus on creating a right base and other elements of asphalt paving: subgrade preparation, asphalt pavement thickness, and asphalt drainage.

Asphalt repair Asphalt repair is the cost effective way of making the necessary changes in the deteriorating asphalt. Our experts thoroughly analyze the asphalt and make the decision about the repair. The repair is done by using our state of the art equipment. From start to finish, we always do top-of-the-line work. You can rely on us for on-time arrival, dependable work, accurate estimates, and 100 percent project completion.

We serve Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and other New York metropolitan areas!

Hire the experts! We at Pave USA, aim to provide best asphalt paving and repair service to our patrons. Our technicians are trained in the latest technology that is available to handle all kinds of projects, from repairing and patching potholes in parking lots to rematerializing a stretch of road. Our work on asphalt repair in Brooklyn has been loved by our clients. Being the experts of asphalt paving in Long Island, our knowledge, quality workmanship, skill, and superior customer service enables us to strive for excellence in every project.

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